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The Boat Bub team is a group of seasoned boating experts who share a deep love and appreciation for the open water. With decades of combined experience in everything from yacht maintenance to fishing techniques, our team offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help readers get the most out of their boating experiences. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice boat owner just starting out, our team's practical advice and insider tips will help you navigate the waters confidently and easily. So join us as we set sail on an adventure of a lifetime - the open water awaits!

Gemini Catamaran Models Guide

Arguably one of the United States most popular cruising catamarans, Gemini Catamarans offer a range of domestic-built sailing and motor cruising vessels. Designed for affordability, compact design, ease of use without compromising on comfort and liveability. The Gemini models deliver an almost unbeatable level of accommodation in relation to their size, with far more private …

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Best 6HP Outboard Motors That Will Make You Ready to Go

Boats continue to influence life in more ways than ever imagined from the dawn of civilization. The watercraft is used for transport, military expeditions, fishing, sports, recreation, and traveling. Traditionally boats were powered by human labor and wind sails. The water engine has played a huge role in the development of boating in the last …

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