Best Submersible Trailer Lights Every Owner Should Install

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The best submersible trailer lights for boats provide high-powered light while limiting any potential water damage. The LED and halogen bulbs, in particular, will last a long time if they’re not exposed to moisture.

If you need your boat’s lighting system to stand being submerged underwater without sustaining any form of corrosion or deterioration, it is crucial to invest in some quality waterproofing equipment such as submersible trailer lights designed with this specific purpose in mind.

This article will take you through some of the best submersible trailers on the market and their features. Whether you are looking for premium, budget, best-rated, easy to install, and versatile submersible trailer light, we’ve got you covered.

Top 7 Best Selling Submersible Trailer Lights

Best Overall Submersible Trailer Lights: Maxxhaul 70205 12v LED Lights

Maxxhaul 70205 12v LED Lights

The Maxxhaul LED submersible trailer lights are designed to last, be brighter, and be safer than your traditional incandescent lights.  They last longer and use less energy than old-fashioned standard incandescent tail lights. And, they’re so bright that you can see them from up to 1/4 mile away. 

Plus, their wiring harness is more durable than traditional copper wire with UV-coated jackets. These high-visibility lights are federally compliant and include LED side markers. They’re great for trailers, boats, campers, or whichever of your possessions gets towed around at night.


  • Easy to mount
  • They are bright and last long
  • Made of durable material 


  • They are not entirely LED.

Best Budget Submersible Trailer Lights: ‎ONLINE LED STORE 15″ 9 LED 3 Red Trailer Light Bar

3 Red Trailer Light Bar

Need a little extra visibility or backup lights for shipping and loading your wide trailer? These trailer clearance lights are explicitly made to draw more attention. Mount these 3 -LED red light bars between the taillights of your trailer for increased visibility.

You can use them as a top bumper clearance light bar to illuminate the entire width of the back end or mount them in any other location where you want.

No matter what model you are hauling, these LED lights can get the job done with their bright finish and automatic ON function. The DOT FMVSS-108 certified lens is designed to comply with all relevant laws governing lighting specifications. These LEDs also have an IP67 rating, which means they’re not only waterproof but entirely submersible.


  • They are affordable
  • Are a perfect fit for wide trailers
  • Easy to install, can be mounted in various places on the trailer.
  • Lightweight


  • Take some time to troubleshoot

Best Rated Submersible Trailer Lights: Wellmax 12V LED Trailer Lights

Wellmax 12V LED Trailer Lights

You’re at the lake, and everything is pitch black. You can see nothing but a foggy white wall of drizzle in front of you, and it’s your number one priority to keep safe. The only thing that helps is giving off as much light as possible so no other helmsperson will be in danger when they come upon you at high speed. 

That’s where these Submersible LED Trailer Lights from Wellmax come in handy, decked out with 12V super bright LEDs that are guaranteed not to get wet or fall apart.  Whether you need lights for treacherous terrain or don’t want to rely on flares anymore for visibility, these heavy-duty UV-coated little lights will do so you can’t have peace of mind while traveling alone at night.

These high-quality LED lights are definitely a must-have for any trailer. The last 30 to 40 times longer than traditional bulbs. They’re also 100% DOT compliant and conforms with federal standards of visibility, durability, and reliability – so it’s basically impossible to go wrong.


  • It can be used in all-terrain and weather
  • Made of durable material
  • Fit larger trailers


  • The mounting brackets are made of plastic and are easy to break.

Best Premium Submersible Trailer Lights: Linkitom New Submersible LED Trailer Lights

Linkitom New Submersible LED Trailer Lights

The Linkitom New Submersible LED Trailer Lights are a great way to improve visibility and safety on your trailer. You’ll never have to guess how far you’re from another boat because these lights project a full bright halo glow to signal others for ample distance. 

The solid light pattern is clear and dazzling for all weather conditions. They are uniquely designed with two amber clearance lights in addition to super-bright LEDs. 

These sleek trailer lights come complete with 25ft wiring harnesses which offer more durability than standard copper-coated aluminum wire, along with a split Y style color-coded harness.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Uniquely designed for more visibility
  • Made from non-corrosive material


  • Some users complained that the lights were not waterproof.

Easiest to Install: Kohree New LED Submersible Trailer Tail Lights

Kohree New LED Submersible Trailer Tail Lights

 You’re going to want Kohree new LED submersible trailer tail lights. With an atomization strip, these tail lights are brighter than other rectangular-led trailer tail lights.  They come with a sonically sealed body that’s waterproof and brightly colored. Since they can resist damage to sand, dust, dirt, snow, and more horrible weather conditions, they render their old-fashioned useless taillights. 

They are also Dot approved as per federal law standards.


  • Poly-carbonate housing durability enhance
  • Sealed, waterproof construction
  • Having diodes at the surface of a circuit board protects LEDs from shock


  • A few poor wiring complaints

Best Versatile Submersible Trailer Lights: Blazer International C7280 LED Low Profile Submersible Trailer Lights

Blazer International C7280 LED Low Profile Submersible Trailer Lights

Are you always driving around in the dark? Do you get tired of having to replace your lights constantly? If so, then Blazer International is looking out for you. Introducing the C7280 LED Low Profile Submersible Trailer Lights : set up is a breeze, and it’s easy to install.

The long-life LED bulbs won’t fade over time, so prepare yourself for brighter prospects ahead.

This amazing product is revolutionizing trailer lights for the modern era. With eight functions and a universal design, these easy to mount lights come with all the tools you need for installation. The lights can be used as side reflex, tail, stop, rear, side marker, turn, rear clearance, and license illumination lights.

Sail safer knowing that your license plate will be clearly visible with this low-profile LED light for submersible trailers. 


  • Sealing protects them from corrosion
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy installation


  • Not fully sealed and sometimes lets water in

Best Brand Submersible Trailer Lights: Czc Auto 12v LED Trailer Lights

Czc Auto 12v LED Trailer Lights

 Ready to make waves? There’s no better way to warn other boats of your location than with these Czc Auto LED trailer lights that combine directional and running/stop indicator lighting. With watertight sealing technology, pure copper wires, 18 gauge diodes, high visibility, and lifetime LEDs, it doesn’t matter if you’re situated on a boat or at the end of a tow-line. 

These marine waterproof trailer tail lights comply with DOT standards so those fishing in dark waters will be seen as well! Incredibly durable and easy to install, these trailer boat lights are the perfect accessory for getting out on the water this summer. With built-in LED technology, they’ll never go dark when you need them most.


  • It’s durable due to its rugged construction.
  • Easy to install because everything you need is provided.
  • 100% waterproof 


  • Color is a bit off

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Submersible Trailer Lights for Your Boat

Submersible Trailer Lights

Choosing the best submersible trailer lights for your trailer can be an arduous task. This is because there are many in the market, and they also have different unique features.  Here are some of the critical things you should think about before purchasing submersible trailer lights;

Visibility and Brightness

Your new lights should always be visible enough for other people to see you if you are backing up or in conditions with low light. Most of the products we’ve talked about here are LED lights that are brighter than other standard lights.

When making a purchase, it is crucial that you check on the specs of each submersible light trailer to decide on which one to pick. Opt for submersible trailer lights brighter.


Exposure to saltwater will often not cause corrosion. Just like other marine products, your trailer lights should withstand and resist corrosion at all costs. Even though the plastic covers and bulbs won’t corrode, other parts of your trailer lights can corrode, that is to include hardware and wiring parts that can be damaged by water.

It’s therefore advisable to go for LED trailer lights that have been tested for your particular marine environment.

Ease of Installation

The installation of the best submersible trailer lights for your boat will depend on their size, weight, and design. Add are mounted in a bracket that is bolted to the bed or frame. Others come pre-installed as part of an entire wiring system which can be hardwired into existing electrical systems requiring additional work.

When choosing what type of submersible trailer light fixtures would be perfect for your needs, the first thing you need to consider is how easy it will be to install them. 

Watertight Casing

The trailer lights will submerge at any point you try to back up the trailer into the water when unloading your boat. This exposes them to water which can leak and damage them in a scenario where they are not water-tight. This is the reason why it’s crucial for you to get sealed trailer lights because they can hold being underwater. 


Question: Are Submersible Trailer Lights Waterproof?

Answer: While most submersible trailer lights are waterproof, there are many different types of materials in which these lights may come packaged, and you will need to read on how each type protects against water damage.
If you’re going to have your submersible trailer lights in the water, it’s best if they are waterproof. This is because no matter how careful you try to be, the fact remains that there will always come a time where they’ll fall into the water. And this can spell disaster for any non-waterproof light fixtures onboard, such as LED bulbs.

Question: What Is the Essence of Trailer Lights in My Boat?

Answer: Answer trailer lights are an essential safety feature in your boat. They will ensure that you have a visible trailer even when it is dark outside or during bad weather. They also make sure everyone knows what you’re doing, whether backing up into the water or pulling out of storage at night.
It’s also necessary because they are required by law to be installed on all trailers over 30 feet long.

Question: Where Should Trailer Lights Be Installed On My Trailer?

Answer: Answer: Trailer lights are an essential safety feature on any boat. Yet, what is the best way to install them? The safest place for trailer lights is off-center near one side – either port (left) below starboard (right), vice versa, depending upon whether left-hand drive/maneuvering rules are observed.
Trailer Lights should not be located in front of your headlights.

This will blind you when coming up behind a boater or fishing vessel with low-beam headlamps shining directly into your eyes from the rear. It also makes it difficult for other helmspersons to see you when they’re trying to pass by at night or during inclement weather conditions like fog or rainstorms. 


The safety of your boat and trailer depends on the quality of the lights you choose. Choosing a high-quality light will ensure that it is visible in all conditions, even when wet or foggy. Researching before buying can help save time and money and lead to better results for boat owners.

When buying the best submersible trailer lights, the most important aspects to consider are whether they can handle water exposure and are bright enough.

If you want your trailer lights to work for a long time, they must be well-protected from moisture so the bulbs don’t corrode. But if you need brightness in any conditions, then make sure the light output of these products is high and features an LED bulb.

Overall, we’d recommend the C7280 LED low-profile submersible trailer lights because they’re so easy to install and they’re super versatile.  Even though we focused on submersible fixtures here, there are plenty more options out there, like floodlights with their own brackets or aluminum trailers with built-in lighting systems. We hope this guide has been helpful!

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