Minn Kota Edge 45 Review and Guide: Why It’s Really Worth Your Money

Trolling motors are essential for both novice and professional boaters. What you need to consider before buying one for your boat are its reliability and longevity. Minn Kota Edge 45 will get you where you need to fish with ease. Whether you are fishing in swampland or spending the day at the lake, it’s designed to handle anything you throw at it.

This bow mount trolling motor is popular because of its 42” indestructible composite shaft. Built with an impact-resistant composite head, it has a marine-grade anodized aluminum spine.

For convenience, it comes equipped with a latch and door mounting system. Apart from the 12-volt unit featuring a directional indicator displayed on top, it also has 5 speeds for optimal comfort and power prop. For any avid or amateur fisherman, it’s a reliable and sound investment.

If you have a vessel with a maximum length of 18’, the Minn Kota Edge 45 bow mount trolling motor is your ‘take home’ option.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary

Minn Kota Edge is one of the best trolling motors you can get. If it doesn’t meet your preferences, check out the list of alternatives below. You can also use our buying guide to help you make a sound decision.

Minn Kota Edge 45 Review

Minn Kota Edge

Minn Kota Edge 45 has numerous features that make it one of the best trolling motors. Especially for those who like fishing, it’s a piece of equipment you never want to miss. The features include:

  • Edge Mount

Edge 45’s mount is small but sturdy. It features an anodized aluminum arm that provides stability to the motor when deployed.

  • Door Bracket and Latch

It’s easy to unmount the motor from your boat with a soft grip knob thanks to the latch and door bracket.

  • Edge Foot Pedal

The edge foot pedal is ergonomic and responsive for precise control of the motor direction. It’s made from a composite material. Edge uses heel and toe steering. Lastly, it also features a speed control dial, heel block, constant-on button, and a momentary on-button.

  • Speed Control Options

Minn Kota Edge 45 features 2-speed control options. You can either use a 5 fwd or 5 rev speed option. Depending on the model, the speed setting can be easily controlled through the hand tiller or foot pedal.

  • Directional Indicator

The directional indicator is available on most of the foot control models. It provides information on the direction and orientation of the prop.

  • Prop Options

There are 2 available prop styles on select models. The first is the Minn Kota’s Power Prop which is a classic design that provides more power to cut through vegetation. The second option is Weedless Wedge 2 Prop. It’s designed to not only flow through weeds but also vegetation thanks to its flared and swept-back design.

  • Composite Shaft

Edge 45 features a composite shaft that comes with a lifetime warranty just like all the other Minn Kota trolling motors. The shaft is built to withstand tremendous stress without warping or breaking.

  • Cool Running Motor

To maximize Edge 45’s efficiency, Minn Kota has invested a lot into the motor design. It comes with large commutators, winding, and a quality bearing system. That said, to improve the battery life and minimize noise heat is dissipated rapidly.

  • Warranty

All Minn Kota trolling motors come with a 2-year limited warranty. Edge 45 is no different.


There are numerous accessories and replacement parts available for the Minn Kota Edge 45. Fortunately, they are available in most online stores, but they don’t come as part of the package. Check them out below:

  • MKA-45 Replacement Rope and Handle
  • MKP-32 Weedless Wedge 2 Prop
  • MKR-18 Plug and Receptacle
  • MKA-23 Quick Release Bracket
  • MK-330PC with a 30 amps output onboard marine battery charger


  • Mount type: Bow
  • Shaft length: 45inch
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Thrust (lbs.): 45


  • Responsive foot pedal
  • Durable composite shaft
  • Easy to read directional indicator
  • 5-speed design with multiple speed settings
  • Door and latch design featuring soft-grip knob
  • Large commutators and windings for dissipating heat


  • Not ideal for salty water

Minn Kota Edge 45 Buying Guide

Trolling motors are equipped with GPS, fish finders, and wireless controls. They range from simple hand-controlled models to more advanced ones. There are many factors you need to put into consideration when shopping for one.

In this article, we have highlighted the most important questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing one.

minn kota buying guide

Where Is a Trolling Motor Mounted on Your boat?

Trolling motors can be mounted on the boat’s engine, transom, or bow depending on the type. There are 3 types of trolling motor mounts. Your motor can either be a bow mount, transom mount, or engine mount.


These trolling motors are great if you prefer fishing on the foredeck of your boat. They are straightforward to operate. This is because they enable you to steer the bow of your boat with precision. One of the advantages is that they have more sophisticated controls and features such as wireless steering and GPS.

However, they also feature some setbacks. They are a bit difficult to install compared to transom motors. It’s because they require a horizontal surface at the front of your boat to be fixed. Additionally, they are also relatively expensive.


These are less expensive and easy to install. Of course, this is what makes them popular among canoe, dinghy, and small boat owners. The motor is attached to the boat’s transom using dual clamps instead of one.


This model of trolling motors is remotely controlled and steered together with the outboard. It’s fixed to the cavitation plate of outboard motors. The good thing about it is that it requires less space.

How Do You Determine The Correct Thrust For Your Boat?

When buying a trolling motor, thrust is the most important thing to consider. It lets you know if the motor is powerful enough to push your boat at the right speed. Take note thrust is measured in pounds. It also gives you a rough idea about the motor’s performance. Note that you will need more thrust if your boat is heavy.

How to Calculate the Best Thrust for Your Boat

First of all, you need to know the exact weight of your boat. As a rule of thumb, for every 100 lbs. you will require at least 2 lbs. of thrust. For instance, if your boat’s weight is 5,000 lbs. when fully loaded, you will require 5,000/100 x 2 lbs. = 100 lbs. of thrust for your trolling motor.

How Do You Calculate Your Battery Runtime?

This depends on two things. The current draw of your trolling motor, which is measured in amperes, and the capacity of your battery which is measured in Ampere hours (Ah).

For example, if your battery has a 200 Ah capacity and the motor draws 40 amps of the current, then to find the run time is simple. You just need to divide 200/40 = 5 hours of run time.

Unfortunately, this is only a theoretical number. Various factors determine the exact duration the battery will last and you don’t want to deplete it to 0%. For instance, if you want to keep your battery in good shape, you should only use about 50 – 70% of its Ah capacity.

Which Is The Best Steering Option For Your Trolling Motor?

There are 3 different steering options for a trolling motor. They are:

  • Electric steer

This model features more control options such as GPS positioning and wireless remote. They help you get where you want and focus on fishing.

  • Cable steer

A multi-function foot pedal and motor are linked directly via a cable in these models. Compared to the other 2 versions it’s less sophisticated and more responsive. It’s popular, especially with bass fishermen.

  • Hand steer

For direct control, these motors use a tiller handle just like traditional outboards.

Do You Want a Trolling Motor With Saltwater Operation Capability?

Ensure that before you purchase any trolling motor you check whether it can be used in saltwater. Compared to freshwater, saltwater is much more corrosive and requires different materials.

For example, let’s take a look at Motorguide and Minn Kota saltwater motors. They are built with premium-grade alloys and then coated with Zinc. Finally, they are painted with corrosion-resistant polyester paint. They all feature a sacrificial anode fixed to the prop to ensure they last much longer.

That said, you should note that if a freshwater trolling motor is used in salty water, it will nullify your warranty.

Why Do You Need to be Keen on Motor Voltage?

When you compare 12V trolling motors with their 24V and 36V counterparts, they are the cheaper option. However, they offer less thrust. Higher voltage systems are more efficient and powerful. For instance, they have a lower current flowing through the cables at the same power output.

Another factor you need to consider is the number of batteries. If you are using a 12V trolling motor, you only need one 12V battery. You will need to connect 2 or 3 batteries in series for 24V and 36V systems. So, the more the number of batteries of the same size, the more the capacity and range available.

In most cases, trolling motors that have a thrust of 55 lbs. or less use 12V (single battery). Those with a thrust of 68 – 100 lbs. use 24V (2 batteries) while trolling motors with a thrust above 100 lbs. require 36V (3 batteries).

How Do You Calculate the Right Shaft Length?

Getting the right shaft length for your trolling motor is important. Regardless of the water and weather conditions, it must be long enough for the propeller to stay submerged at least 16” below the waterline.

In case the shaft is short, the propeller may get out of the water and suck in air. This causes loss of power, noise, and can shorten your motor’s life.

Which Are the Most Important Features?

We have highlighted a quick overview of the most vital features you’ll find on a trolling motor.

  • Variable Speed Controller

In both forward and reverse, a variable-speed motor has smooth power delivery. Motors with a variable speed controller draw less power, especially at lower speeds. This means that no energy is wasted. Therefore, you get more run time off your battery.

  • Autopilot

With an autopilot feature, your trolling motor can steer on its own in the set direction. To keep a steady heading it uses a compass. The feature can be used in many ways such as trolling along a shelf, ledge, or shoreline.

  • GPS Navigation

By pressing a button on the remote, GPS trolling motors enable you to steer, lock onto fishing spots, and control speed. It’s mostly found in premium models.

  • Fish Finder Integration

With high-end trolling motors, you can use the fish finder screen to control your steering and speed. To Spot-Lock, go to your fish finder’s waypoint. It automatically follows depth contours.

  • Sonars and Transducers

These feature inbuilt transducers for sending images to your fishfinder. They come fully integrated with the lower motor section meaning there are no additional connectors or cables involved.

  • Lift-Assist

To make stowing and deployment of motors easy, manufacturers use various designs of lift-assist. Some use a stainless steel gas spring while others use a spring-loaded mechanism. The good thing is they all make lifting your motor easier and safer.

  • Auto Stow and Deploy

This feature is found in a few premium models such as Minn Kota Ulterra. Ulterra offers a 100% automatic stow, deploy, and trim system instead of a lift-assist mechanism. It’s easy to use since the only thing you need to do is to press the foot pedal or a button on your remote.

Benefits of a Trolling Motor

There are numerous advantages of using a trolling motor on your boat. They include:

  • When using an electric trolling motor, you don’t have to carry oil and fuel
  • They are light and easy to install/remove
  • The use of a trolling motor in a rowboat makes work easy without using a lot of manual labor
  • Fishers can fish quietly by avoiding loud noises from the engine
  • The lake/river’s current or bad weather doesn’t have to worry you considering some models are designed to tackle such hurdles
  • With a trolling motor, your boat can move at a steady speed with precise control to prevent startling fish

Minn Kota Edge 45 Alternatives

If you didn’t find the Edge 45 to be a good option, check out the alternatives below. Fishermen or fishing fans who didn’t for it went for the options below.

Minn Kota Fortrex 80/112

Minn Kota Fortrex 112 Motor

Fortrex is a bow-mounted trolling motor with excellent performance. It has a simple and quality design available in 2 thrust options (80 lbs. or 112 lbs.) which draw on 24 and 36-volt batteries respectively.

For an appropriately sized boat and load, the 80 delivers plenty of thrust. Compared to the brawny 112, it does so with a more gradual ‘ramp-up’. Even though 112 lbs. delivers a wallop, if you fish in heavy wind zones it’s the best choice. What you need to do is to watch your footings as you engage the motor.

The composite shaft which helps deliver power is available in 2 different lengths (36” and 45”). Fortrex comes with Weedless Prop and Weedless Wedge 2. Rest assured you won’t strain to operate the motor as you fish because it’s controlled by a precise foot pedal.

The good thing with this model is that you won’t outfish it at low throttle positions. At the end of the day, the maximizer tech ensures you have battery power to spare. The motor also features a gas-filled piston and spring which cuts the felt weight in half when stowing or lowering into the water.

Minn Kota Fortrex is a fantastic option if you have a large boat and you are in the market shopping for a bow-mounted trolling motor.


  • Mount type: Bow
  • Shaft length: 36 and 45inch
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Thrust: 80 lbs. or 112 lbs.


  • Precision pedal
  • Bomb-proof simplicity
  • Excellent battery life
  • Awesome mounting system
  • Both options offer plenty of power


  • Not ideal for small boats

Minn Kota Terrova 80/112

Minn Kota Terrova

Terrova is built for larger boats or foul weather. What distinguishes it from the rest is the long list of high-tech bells and whistles. It’s up to you whether you’ll need them or not. What you need to bear in mind is that while some of them are amazing, in the long run, they are prone to failure.

Fortrex shares some features with the Terrova. In this respect, they’re functionally identical meaning that you can expect fantastic power and superior levels of thrust. As long you don’t over throttle the battery life will be excellent.

That said, the model comes with excellent props and an awesome mounting system. This makes lowering and lifting the motor easy. It also features four composite shaft lengths which can accommodate a wider range of boats: 45, 54, 60, and 72-inch models are available. The motor is available in 2 thrust options (80 lbs. or 112 lbs.).

Fortunately, you can control the direction and speed of your motor through your phone, thanks to the combination of the i-Pilot control system and iOS. They do so by relying on the Terrova’s large LCD screen. Apart from offering a mount for your fish finder, the motor is also transducer-friendly.

The i-Pilot system has a Spot-Lock feature which is an effective GPS-enabled automatic anchor. It can keep the boat in place without you having to do anything. Additionally, the position can be adjusted in 5-foot increments.

Despite its awesome performance, Fortrex also faces some drawbacks. There are long-term issues with the electronics that drive the features. Luckily, Minn Kota is doing something about that. They are also developing software that powers the Spot-Lock to perform as required in rough conditions.

If you prefer a trolling motor with one of the best functions and simplicity, the Fortrex is the way to go.


  • Mount type: Bow
  • Shaft length: 45, 54, 60, and 72-inch
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Thrust: 80 lbs. or 112 lbs.


  • Awesome high-tech features
  • Innovate remote control
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great mounting system
  • Plenty of power


  • Electronics have durability issues

MotorGuide X3

Motorguide X3 Trolling Motor

Not all anglers operate large boats. That means most of the high-end Minn Kotas are too expensive for them. If your loaded weight is about 2,000 pounds and you are working on a budget, then MotorGuide X3 45 is an excellent option.

The motor produces 45 pounds of thrust which is plenty of power for popular aluminum boats like the Crestliner Bass Hawks. With this model, you’ll experience no problems with corrosion because it’s driven by an excellent prop attached to a composite stainless shaft.

So far, there are no reported motor issues concerning the X3. That’s something most of the users appreciate about this motor. There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing trolling motor problems while fishing.

Users say that the X3 is responsive and easy to use. The reason may be it’s controlled via a foot pedal with 4 feet of cable. Aside from that, it’s also battery-sipping meaning you get to spend more time on the water.

It’s driven by a 12V system meaning you don’t need multiple batteries. As a result, this lowers the cost and maximizes deck space. MotorGuide X3 doesn’t come with fancy bells and whistles. However, if you prefer a budget-friendly and reliable trolling motor that’s able to stand the test of time, this is a great place to start.


  • Mount type: Bow
  • Propeller: 3-blade
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Thrust: 55 lbs.


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to install


  • Ideal for boats below 2,500 pounds when loaded

Minn Kota Edge 45 FAQs

Question: What’s the Standard Weight of Minn Kota Edge 45?

Answer: It’s approximately 77 lbs.

Question: How Many Volts Does a Minn Kota Edge 45 Have?

Answer: 12-volt

Question: Is Minn Kota Edge 45 Ideal for Salty Water?

Answer: No. It’s ideal for freshwater use. Using it in saltwater may substantially reduce the lifespan of the motor and also void the manufacturer’s warranty. When the boat is moored, never leave the motor submerged in saltwater.

Question: Where Are Minn Kota Edge 45 Motors Made?

Answer: They are designed and manufactured in Mankato, Minnesota.

Bottom Line

For those looking for a reliable and affordable trolling motor, the Minn Kota Edge 45 is a great option. It comes with several thrust options that cover the needs of most fishing boats apart from large fishing vessels.

If it doesn’t meet your preferences, feel free to look at the listed alternatives. There is also a buying guide to help you choose the trolling motor that suits your needs. Make sure the choice you make meets your preferences and budget.

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